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Paddle, Paddle, Paddle Your Kayak Gently Down the River

Amelia Island Kayak Excursions Amelia Island FL | Local Guide

Amelia Island Kayak Excursions Amelia Island FL

You’re never far from the coast when you’re on Amelia Island. While there is certainly plenty to do on land, exploring the coast from the water opens up a whole new world–cue the Aladdin song.

As it turns out, kayaking is the best way to explore the ecosystems of Amelia Island. It’s low impact, relaxing and lets you enjoy the serenity of the natural habitats located near the water’s edge.

If you’re looking for the best in the business, look no further than Amelia Island Kayak Excursions. This family owned and operated business has been serving the Amelia Island area for 6 years strong. Amelia Island Kayak Excursions offers fully guided kayak tours of the following areas:

  • Egan’s Creek
  • Lofton Creek
  • Cumberland Island
  • Amelia River
  • Okefenokee Swamp
  • St. Mary’s River
  • Suwannee River

Each area and tour is completely unique and fascinating. Feel like paddling in the open waters off of Fort Clinch? The Cumberland Island trip paddles across to Cumberland Island, where wild horses roam free.

Looking for a wooded excursion? The Suwannee River trip is a full day trip that sends you and your group paddling through the twists and bends of the river lined with Cypress and limestone. While all skill levels are encouraged for all trips, this trip does involve a brief portaging at Big Shoals.

Amber, one of the guides at Amelia Island Kayak excursions, is confident that everyone can enjoy kayaking.

“I think most people are surprised with how doable kayaking is,” she says. “There isn’t a single tour we offer that I wouldn’t suggest for even a first time kayaker.”

And since there are plenty of kayaking services in the area, Amber offered her insight on why Amelia Island Kayak Excursions is at the top.

“We take the time to make sure all of our kayakers feel comfortable,” she says. “Since we’re a family business, we genuinely care about our guests and build relationships with them. We are honored to be ranked #1 on TripAdvisor.”

Let Amber and the team at Amelia Island Kayak Excursions show you the wildly beautiful side of Amelia Island.

Since the different excursions have different starting points all over the island, Amelia Island Kayak Excursions will let you know in advance where to meet. For more information, visit the Amelia Island Kayak Excursions website. To make a reservation, call (904) 557-5307.