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Nana Makes Everything Sweeter

nana teresas bake shop amelia island fl

Nana Teresas Bake Shop Amelia Island FL

Sugar, sugar and more sugar!

Since 2014, Nana Teresa’s Bake Shop has been serving up sweet treats to the Amelia Island locals.

The story started in, you guessed it, Nana Teresa’s kitchen. What started out as a passion project eventually grew into the colorful and whimsical bake shop that exists today.

Nicole, Nana Teresa’s daughter, came out front from the kitchen to tell us a little about the bake shop.

“We really specialize in specialty cakes, like for birthdays and weddings,” she says. “But plenty of people come in for our cupcakes and other smaller items.”

And there are some clear favorites among the smaller baked goods.

“Our almond croissant is definitely the local favorite,” says Nicole. “It’s baked fresh with buttercream, slivered almonds and powdered sugar on top. We sell out of the almond croissant faster than anything else.”

Nana Teresa’s Bakery isn’t just going for sweet. Quality and freshness of ingredients is a priority for every item coming out of the bakery. The eggs are farm fresh, the ingredients are organic and the finest chocolates from Belgium and Africa are imported.

As if the superior quality wasn’t enough, Nana Teresa’s Bake Shop is dedicated to serving the community.

“We sponsor local sports teams and the arts in the area,” says Nicole. “We try to be involved with as many children’s programs as possible. Giving back to the community is important to us.”

This sense of community has translated into some unique relationships with locals and regulars.

“Over the years, we’ve developed these great relationships with our customers,” says Nicole. “We have a guy from New York that always comes in for a black and white cookie. We call him Mr. Black and White.”

If you have developed a thirst after walking around Amelia Island, Nana Teresa’s Bake Shop has a 1950’s soda fountain that is fully functional.

“The soda fountain is great for the kids,” says Nicole. “We have little paper hats they can wear and they can watch our soda jerks make their sodas while sitting on the bar stools.”

Go ahead and spoil your appetite with something sweet at Nana Teresa’s Bake Shop–it’s well worth it!

Nana Teresa’s Bake Shop is located at 13 N. 3rd St., Fernandina Beach, FL 32034. For more information, visit the Nana Teresa’s Bake Shop website or call (904) 277-7977.